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Your BJE Highschool Entrance Examination Preparation Website

Welcome to the BJEprep website! We invite you to use our extraordinary online service to better prepare for your BJE Exam and maximize your potential.

With BJEprep you can:

  • Test your knowledge in preparation for the Judaic Studies BJE High School Entrance examination
  • Familiarize yourself with the type of questions youíll face
  • Review your scores and go back to study relevant material
  • Gain confidence in your abilities and minimize the "jitters effect"
  • Approach your actual test fully prepared!

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"I took the BJE exam last year. Itís amazing how similar the BJE Prep exam is to the real thing! Itís as if youíre taking the actual exam. I believe that the more practice you get, the better youíll do and I encourage you to try this."


"I tend to get very nervous during exams and lose confidence, which causes me to second-guess myself, waste precious time on the exam and even select wrong answers as a result. Taking practice exams and seeing how well I do instills confidence. The BJE Prep exams are so much like the actual test that you can imagine youíre just practicing again on D-day!"


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